Who We Are

Advocating for patient rights for all New Zealanders

Patient Voice Aotearoa (PVA) is a collective of patients, caregivers, whanau, advocates and charitable organisations, campaigning together for the rights of New Zealand patients. PVA aims to provide a unified patient voice to help inform better health policy and improve access to healthcare. PVA was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act in July 2019.

The purpose of the Trust will be to promote the interests and improve the situation of patients in Aotearoa New Zealand. In particular the Trust will:

  1. educate and inform people in Aotearoa New Zealand of the concerns of patients and patient groups regarding their treatment and care;

  2. provide a collective patient voice to inform policy that will improve healthcare decision-making and health outcomes for New Zealanders;

  3. promote better, more equitable and faster patient access to medicines, diagnostics, and services;

  4. encourage inclusion of the patient voice in healthcare decision making and increased patient representation in policy and decision-making forums;

  5. support the use of evidence as a basis for making decisions that impact on New Zealand patients;

  6. endorse innovative, world-class care for New Zealand patients, that keeps pace with global technological developments in treatment and care;

  7. promote increased investment in health and health research;

  8. offer advocacy services for New Zealand patients; and

  9. provide other support and assistance consistent with this charitable purpose.